Conventional Drillout

After we review the torque and drag analysis, if some or all of the wells do not appear to be good candidates for a hybrid style drillouts (due to wellbore examination or other factors), Hybrid Tool Solutions can complete drillouts the conventional route. Our team of experts can uniquely tailor the bottom-hole-assembly to match your current needs and ensure a safe and successful drillout. All tools are brought to location torqued to spec and certified inspected.

Once the drillout tubing is pulled out of hole, if indicated, Hybrid Tool Solutions can perform tubing install operations with snubbing in either burst discs, pump out plugs or our innovative pump out dissolvable plug.

Any style BHA with any production tubing install, we got you covered.

Let's get to it

Save time, save money, and increase safety with the Hybrid Tool and drill out process.

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