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  • Hybrid Drop-Off Motor

  • Hybrid Drop-Off Motor

The Hybrid Drop-Off Motor is yet another innovation derived from the Hybrid Tool Solutions philosophy. When used in conjunction with our Hybrid Tools and signature frac plug drill out procedure, our single trip drop-off motor system improves the safety of operations and decreases the time of drill outs by an average of 1.2 days, reducing overall costs.

How it works

The standard Hybrid drill out procedure employs a mixed string design with a short length of production tubing on the drill out string. Implementing the Hybrid Drop-Off Motor significantly reduces the amount of stress and torque applied to both the drill out string and production tubing. This allows for the full length of production tubing to be used during the drill out procedure, eliminating any torque limitations that come with a mixed string.

After all frac plugs have been drilled out to PBTD (Plug Back Total Depth), the drop-off motor and bit are released (via a ball-drop system) past the bottom perforation. Production tubing is then tripped out until the desired depth is reached. Throughout the entire process, the Hybrid Tool acts as a pre-tested dual barrier at the end of the production string to maintain well pressure until the tubing is landed and the wellhead is placed on the well.

Key Advantages

  • Ability to reach longer lateral depths
  • Allows for the use of more production tubing rather than work string
  • Reduces costs of inspection and damages to work string
  • Decreases average frac plug drill out time to 8-10 minutes
  • Saves trip time by running the entire length of production tubing at one time
  • Eliminates pipe-light conditions because production tubing remains in the well at all times
  • Reduces rental costs of work string

Let's get to it

Save time, save money, and increase safety with the Hybrid Tool and drill out process.

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