Hybrid NonFlowback Tool

The Hybrid NonFlowback Tool (NFB) is the solution for safe and effective frac plug drill-out. Taking the same concept of the original Hybrid Tool, the Hybrid NFB eliminates the need to flow back tools to surface. The Hybrid NFB is deployed above the pump off bit sub in a way that simplifies the typical drill-out and tube-up process which significantly expedites operations and eliminates the need to flow tools back to surface. In addition to faster drill-out and tube-up operations, Hybrid Tool Solutions achieves and maintains a higher safety standard, stemming from three component pressure barriers.

How it works

Hybrid’s drill-out procedure (with the use of the Hybrid NFB Tool), accomplishes two things in one downhole pass: drilling out frac plugs and installing production tubing. The drill-out process is hastened by replacing the slow-paced and hazardous nature of a snubbing-assisted workover rig (which has previously been used to remove the entire drill pipe in order to install production tubing).

The Hybrid technique incorporates a mixed string design of standard drill pipe and production tubing, which is never completely drawn out from the wellbore. Additionally, this maintains a pipe-heavy scenario throughout the entire operation, which eliminates the cause for pipe ejection and injury. With efficiency at the forefront of operations, less effort performs safer work in a shorter time.

Running Procedure Overview

  • Run the tool above the disconnect
  • Mill out plugs
  • Disconnect from the BHA and still maintain well control
  • POOH with the PH6
  • Set production tubing
  • Drop a ball and open the NFB Tool
  • The well is now online

Hybrid-NFB Specifications

SizeWorking PressureShear Pins
2 7/810,000 PSI4 @ 332 PSI / SCREW - 1328 over well PSI
2 3/810,000 PSI4 @ 295 PSI / SCREW - 1180 over well PSI

Let's get to it

Save time, save money, and increase safety with the Hybrid Tool and drill out process.

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